Hans-Eberhard-Piepho-Award 2017

This year, two projects from the Department of Teaching English as a Foreign Language have won a Hans-Eberhard-Piepho-Award for outstanding accomplishments in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Adrian Haack, a former staff member and now teacher at the Große Schule in Wolfenbüttel, has won an award for his excellent dissertation entitled with "Performative Arbeit mit werdenden Fremdsprachenlehrer*innen an ihrer beruflichen Identität: Modellbildung, Konzeption und Evaluation dramapädagogischer Selbstkompetenzseminare im Lehramtsstudium".

Katharina Delius, a research assistant, and Mieke Zimmermann, a teacher at the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Gesamtschule Göttingen, have won an award for their paradigmatic and communicative project "Scary Storytelling" for a year 6 English class.

Congratulations to all three award winners!