Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences Section

About The Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences Section

The section 'Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences' in CIDAS has set itself the task of promoting and advancing the digital acquisition, contextualisation and analysis of heterogeneous data sets in the humanities that so far cannot be processed completely and comprehensively with established methods.

On the one hand, this will involve the operationalisation of traditional research processes in the humanities within the framework of a data-oriented/data-driven research paradigm, and on the other, the materiality, spatiality and processuality of the sources and their use. Keywords here are construction, expansion and gaps in digital recording; data representation and transparency; uniformity of categorysation; simplification and canonisation; heterogeneity and indeterminacy as a peculiarity of the human condition; authority and expertise as research drivers or impediments; consequences of errors and mistakes on research; remembering and forgetting as a humanities concern; division of tasks of human-machine data curation and its consequences; data justice, access control and power and, increasingly important, energy consumption and climate protection.