The Germany Scholarship: Recognition and support for outstanding achievements and special commitment

Current information
All dates and relevant information regarding the Germany Scholarship will be posted shortly after release on this website.
The application period for the Germany Scholarships 2021/2022 has started at 1st September. Applications can be sent until the 30th September 2021.

The Germany Scholarships at university of Göttingen, are intended to provide financial support to gifted students and applicants from all nations (irrespective of their income) and the scholarship unites scholarship holders of all faculties, alumni and sponsors of the University of Göttingen.

The Germany scholarship - General information and Conditions of sponsorship
Like the foreign winter semesters, the University of Göttingen is able to award a number of Germany Scholarships financed jointly by the German Federal Government and private donors.
A prerequisite for the financial design of the proposed scholarships is to attract private funding, which will be stocked up with public funds, so that Germany Scholarships can be granted for one year (from 1st October of the year of grant to 30 September of the following year) with a payment of monthly instalments of 300€.

Who can apply?
Anyone is eligible to apply,
• who is already enrolled at Göttingen University,
• who is an enrolled student and not on leave of absence at the beginning of the funding period (Directive, Article 4),
• who is in possession of the university entrance qualifications required for studying and will start a course of studies at Göttingen University in the near future.
Enrolment and setting up of the student account is an absolute prerequisite.

BAföG recipients are also eligible for Germany Scholarships.

Doctoral students are not eligible.

funding period
The funding period is from 1st October of the year of grant to 30 September of the following year.

selection criteria
Not only outstanding achievements at school or university or success already achieved in employment count; the applicant's previous personal achievements are just as decisive:
- Have you already won a prize or an award for special achievements?
- Have you distinguished yourself by outstanding commitment in a social, municipal or political organization?

Applicants are expected to show social involvement, motivation and readiness to accept responsibility.

Consideration will be given to applicants who have had to overcome special barriers in their biographies due to familial or cultural origins (for example, single parent or earning your living entirely by yourself?)

If you meet one of the eligibility criteria, we look forward to receiving your application for the next round in the winter semester 2021/2022.

private funding from sponsors
In addition to financial support, there is the possibility that the sponsor provides non-material fostering. The sponsor can be a company or a private individual.
The non-material funding itself can vary widely depending on the contact with the sponsor; possible opportunities might include a look behind the scenes at a company, doing a practical course or workshops or accessing and using the sponsor's contacts.
The letter of approval is sent to the scholarship recipient together with donor's notification of funding.
As part of the declaration of acceptance, the scholarship recipient consents or rejects to being contacted by the sponsor.
The Germany Scholarship team will organize an information event for the new scholarship recipients of the next funding period. This event will take place shortly before the award ceremony. In addition to useful hints and information about the Germany Scholarship or communication with the sponsors, there will be time for asking all types of questions.

The Germany Scholarship team regularly distributes information about planned events, campaigns and important news.

The application period will start at the beginning of the winter semester 2021/2022 and the application will be possible from the 1st September by the 30th September 2021.

The application for a Germany Scholarship must be first lodged via an online application portal which is accessible from the eCampus Student Portal during the application period from the 1st September by the 30th September 2021.
On the eCampus, the applicant must first login, after which he or she will be granted access to the online application portal in the top bar of the page under "Links" with the entry "Application Germany Scholarships".
After entering the application data in the application portal, a cover sheet will be generated which lists the written evidence to be presented.
Then the signed cover sheet and the required written evidences has to be sent to the faculty responsible for the applicant.

The application can be edited in the online application portal until the application deadline (30.9.2021).

The FAQs and the guidelines of the University Göttingen for granting the Germany scholarship give information give information about the required written evidences for the application.

Hints for the application
The application is only complete if, by the end of the application period, the faculty is in possession of both the online application and the required written application documents, including the signed cover sheet.

Only complete applications received on time will be processed.

There is no need for letters of motivation or recommendation, nor are these considered positively if submitted.

Selection and allocation procedure
The scholarship recipients are selected on the grounds of talent, performance and other criteria, such as special personal achievements and social commitment, and in accordance with the guidelines for granting Germany Scholarships.
Each faculty constitutes a selection committee consisting of the Dean of Studies and one member each from the professors group [Hochschullehrergruppe], the academic staff group [Mitarbeitergruppe], the MTV group [technical services and administrative departments] and the students' group [Studierendengruppe].
If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of scholarships available, a ranking list have to be established.

More details about the selection and the allocation procedure can be found in the guidelines of the University Göttingen for granting the Germany scholarship.

notification of funding (Bewilligungsbescheid) and letter of acceptance (Annahmeerklärung)
The notification of funding is attached to an e-mail that is only be sent to the e-mail to the student e-mail address (@stud. The notification shows all relevant information how to accept the Germany scholarship.
The letter of acceptance is an online document and after filling out and sending an e-mail will again sent to the student e-mail address (@stud.
If you have questions or problems do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Inga Schild as central contact person for the Germany scholarship at university Göttingen.

Allocation and disbursement
The Germany Scholarship recipients will be presented with their certificates during an official formal award ceremony at held in the assembly hall on Wilhelmsplatz 1.
During the ceremony, the scholarship recipients and the sponsors have time for a first get together.

Payment of the Germany Scholarship
Payment of the monthly instalments of 300,00€ will be made at the end of each month.

Alternate scholarship recipients
Sometimes it is possible that the Germany Scholarship will be given to an alternate scholarship recipient.
In such case, the responsible person for the Germany scholarship at University Göttingen will inform the alternate scholarship recipient via mail and e-mail.