Interdisciplinary lecture series on current research areas of foregn language teaching

In the past view years a number of new research areas in the field of foreign language teaching have emerged. The following lecture series offers an overview of a variety of research foci as well as methods. There will be experts from the fields of the didactics of English, French and Spanish.

Wintersemester 2016/2017
Tuesday 14:15-15:45
in ZHG 005

The lecture is open to all students who study foreign language teaching. You can earn credits for the following master modules:

M.Frz. 303.1, M.Frz 304.1, M.Frz.WP. 303.Tn
M.Sp.303.1, M.Sp.304.1, M.Spa.WP. 303.Tn
M.EP.03-1a/b-L.1 (FP und FoP),
WiPa d B.EP.07-W2.Mp

For further information please check the following poster and flyer.