Modern South Asian History Research Seminar Summer Semester 2018

Venue: CeMIS board room, Waldweg 26

Download the programme as a pdf here

Tuesday 24 April, 4.15pm Special Lecture
SENTHIL BABU (French Institute of Pondicherry): How can we do History of Science and History of Labour together in India?

Tuesday 5 June, 4.15pm Special Lecture
PRASANNAN PARTHASARATHI (Boston College): Labor and Environment in Nineteenth-Century Tamilnad

Tuesday 12 June, 4.15pm – 6.15pm CeMIS Research in Progress
ROHAN MATHEWS: Construction Workers and Real Estate: A Survey of Case Law and Legal Developments
SEBASTIAN SCHWECKE: Work in the Bazaar: The Organisation of Work in a Social Milieu beyond State Regulation: India, 1930s to 2000s
6.30pm – 8.00pm Special Lecture
ALI RAZA (Leibniz Zentrum Modern Orient, Berlin): Revolutionary Dreams and Revolutionary Lives in South Asia, c. 1910s - 1950s

Tuesday 19 June, 4.15pm CeMIS Research in Progress
MARTIN CHRISTOF-FÜCHSLE: German Writings on the Mysore Wars of the Eighteenth Century: Three Perspectives
5.30pm – 7.00pm Special Lecture
INDIVAR KAMTEKAR (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi): War Mobilisation: the Colonial State and the Independent State in India

Tuesday 26 June, 4.15pm – 8.00pm CeMIS Research in Progress
BHASWATI BHATTACHARYA: Coffee Marketing and Consumption in South India, 1900-1940
RAZAK KHAN: Archive of Ideas: Rethinking Translation as Entangled Intellectual History
CATHARINA HÄNSEL: Trusteeship of Welfare? Business and Universal Basic Income in India

Tuesday 3 July, 4.15pm – 8.00pm CeMIS Research in Progress
MICHAELA DIMMERS: Guarded by Convicts: Convict Officers in Colonial Central Jails of the North-Western Provinces
VIDHYA RAVEENDRANATHAN: Masula Boatmen and the Production of the Urban Coast in Nineteenth Century Madras
SVENJA VON JAN: Hamburg-Indian Entanglements in British Archives