Modern South Asian History Research Seminar Winter Semester 2017-18

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Heyne Haus, Papendiek 16. 12:30-18:00, 17 November
Shangliao Sun. Hunger Strike: A closer Study of the 1946 Bombay R.N. Mutiny
Camille Buat. Going out for Work. Drafting the History of an Ingrained Practice
Vidhya Raveendranathan. Grain Infrastructure and Labour: Writing Histories of Famines in Nineteenth Century Madras
Shivangi Jaiswal. Cast(e)ing Labour: State Intervention and the Discourse on Law, 1942-52
Bhaswati Bhattacharya. TBA

Verfügungsgebäude 3.108. 16:15-17:45, 05 December
Gerdien Jonker. Reconstructing the Mosque - Archive of the Ahmadiyya Lahore Mission in Berlin, 1924-2004

Historische Sternwarte / Tagungszentrum. Workshop Time & Money. Themes in Labour Relations. 16:15-17:45, 18 & 19 December
Samita Sen. Keynote Address. Historische Sternwarte / Tagungszentrum. 4.15pm, Monday 18 December.
Workshop programme

Heyne Haus, Papendiek 16. 11:00-18:00, 20 January
Chen Nishi. TBA
Michaela Dimmers. Everyday Life in a Colonial Prison
Razak Khan. Migrant Lives and Ideas: Jewish and Muslim Intellectual Entanglements in Colonial India
Martin Christof-Füchsle. TBA
Heena. The military and Civil Administration of Delhi during the Period of rebellion, 1857
Shivangi Jaiswal. Caste and Industrialisation. A formative Decade of the Indian Labour Department, 1942-1952
Svenja von Jan. Indian presence in northern German port cities between World War I and World War II

Verfügungsgebäude 3.108. 16:15-17:45, 30 January
Kaveh Yazdani. The reasons behind the rise of Western Europe from an 'Indian perspective'