Exchange Possiblities to Mongolia

The National University of Mongolia (NUM), founded by an initiative of the Soviet Union on October 5, 1942 and located directly in the capitol, Ulaanbaatar, is the largest and oldest physical university in Mongolia. NUM collaborates with over 2200 international universities and organisations around the world. These global partnerships have helped raise NUM’s global standing as a university that offers a wide range of programs and scientific collaborations.

Campus: Ulaanbaatar (main campus), campuses in the provinces Dsawchan and Orchon

Students: 15,636 undergraduates, 3525 postgraduates, 968 PhD students, 532 international students

Faculties: Applied Mathematics, Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Electrical Engineering, East Asian Studies (Mongolian Study Program), English, Mongolian, Literature and Journalism, History, Humanities.

Required language skills: at least English B2, Russian language skills are an advantage

Housing: NUM has dormitory rooms on campus for international students. A room can be booked in advance through the International Office, but there is no guarantee of a place.

Find more information on the university's website and the database "Gö abroad" (in German).

Erfahrungsberichte: Unfortunately, there are no testimonials from Göttingen students available yet

Dr. Maren Büttner
South Africa, China, Latin America, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan

Netra Bhandari
India (from winter semester 2022/23)

Patricia Missler
Israel and Russia

Dr. Martin Jagonak
Japan, North America, Oceania

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