Study Abroad

Take some time to clarify a few questions for yourself:

  • When and for how long do I want to go abroad?
  • What do I want to do abroad: study, work or learn a foreign language?
  • Where do I want to go – far away or somewhere close?
  • How: on my own or as part of an exchange programme?
  • What do I need to think about when planning and organising?

You can explore these questions together with an with a staff member from the Student Abroad Advising Team during an advising session. You can also find information about exchange opportunities in the "Ways Abroad" brochure.

What do I have to consider before, during and after a stay abroad? Find some answers in the "A-Z of planning a stay abroad".

Would you like to know at which universities you can do an exchange semester abroad? The exchange database "Gö abroad" has a list of the partner universities of the University of Göttingen. In our handout you will find some tips für searching the database.

Does the programme offered by an international university meet the requirements of my degree programme? When is the best time for me during my study programme to go abroad? Will the credits earned abroad be recognised (count toward my degree requirements) and if so, how (and to what extent)? The programme and recognition officers in your faculty will be happy to answer these questions. You can find more information on the pages of the individual programmes, in our exchange opportunities database "Gö abroad" and here "A-Z of planning a stay abroad".

Planning a stay abroad takes time and lots of research – especially when, in addition to academic considerations, individual needs play a role. Find out more on our "Mobility and Diversity"website.

How do I find a programme abroad?


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