New partnership between the SEP and the German European School Singapore

As of February 2016 there has been a new partnership between the two institutions (the Seminar represented by Prof. Dr. Surkamp and Mr. Pfändner, the German European School Singapore represented by its principal, Mr. Battenberg)

The German European School Singapore is a German school in Singapore, at which high school students from over 50 nations are taught. The school regularly offers assistantships to university students of educational disciplines. The school assistants support the daily teaching and educational work.

From August 2017 onwards the SEP will be able to send two university students for each first half of the school year (from August until December) to teach and assist at the German European School Singapore. Besides English, one of the following should be secondary subject: Mathematics, French, or Science. The assistantship is creditable in the Masters of Education as a research internship for English (Forschungspraktikum). Students must participate in the accompanying seminar for Teaching Assistants in the summer semester BEFORE their stay abroad.

Interested students should contact Prof. Dr. Surkamp or Mr. Pfändner. Deadline for the first round is the end of 2016.