L Bibl = Bibliography
L Lex = Encyclopedia
W = Dictionary
T Hisp = Spain, Portugal
T Frank = France
T DSÖ = Germany, Switzerland, Austria
T RuUk = Russia, Ukraine

Room C:
A = Art History in general
B = Architecture und Urbanism
E = Epigraphy
F Fest = Festschriften
F SamA = Anthology Author
F SamT = Anthology Subject
G Allg = History in general
G Reli = History concerning religion
I = Ikonography
K = Craftwork
M Allg = Painting in general
M Buch = Illumination
M Ikon = Icons
M Mosa = Mosaic
M Wand = Mural art
N = Numismatics
P = Plastic
R = Guidebook
S Samm = Museum collections

Room D:
S Sond = Special exhibitions
T Ital = Italy
T Rom 1 = Antiquity
T Rom 2 = Catacombs
T Rom 3 = Churches
T Rav = Ravenna
T Balk = Albania, Bulgaria, former Jugoslavia, Romania, Hungary
T Grie = Greece

Room E:
T Zyp = Cyprus
T Türk = Turkey
T Ista = Istanbul
T Thes = Thessaloniki
T Sham = Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan
T Afri = Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya
T Ägyp = Egypt
T Äthi = Ethiopia
T Hisp = Spain, Portugal

Adjoining room:
Q = Sources
Q BK = Sources Library of the Church Fathers
Q CC = Sources Corpus Christianorum
Q FC = Sources Fontes Christiani
Q Bibel = Sources Bible
Q BG = Sources Byzantine Chroniclers
Q Lit = Sources Literature

Room F:
T GeAr = Georgia, Armenia
T Brit = Britain, Ireland
T Ultra = Aserbaijan, Iran, Iraq
Z = Journals
Kon = Conference Papers

Bibliothek Eingangsbereich


Bibliothek Seminarraum

Seminar room

Bibliothek Raum D

Room D

Bibliothek Raum E

Room E

Bibliothek Raum F

Room F