Recognition of Courses (Inland)


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Process of application

Which courses can be recognized?

Courses from the University of Göttingen: Courses that you have completed within another study programme at the University of Göttingen can be recognized if the course can also be elected in your "new" degree. Failed attempts will be recognized as negative achievements. For the recognition of courses from other faculties please contact the Service-Centre for Students.

Courses from other German universities: All completed courses that could be relevant for your new study programme or are similar to an existing course can be reviewed.

Normally, bachelor students only can recognize bachelor's courses as well as master students only can recognize master's courses.

Have my courses already been recognized?

Please check in FlexStat if your course has already been recognized before making a request, because in this case it isn't necessary to check again.

Pathway in FlexStat: Anerkennungen => Anerkannte Leistungen (nach ausländischer Universität) => Land wählen => Universität wählen => Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät wählen

If the course from your previous study programme or university has already been recognised in your new degree programme according to your examination regulations and not more than 5 years ago, please contact our Examination Office directly. The recognition of the course will be accomplished after you show your Transcript of Records.

How to make a request for course recognition?

Please fill in the Antragsformular "Request for Course Recognition (Inland)" (see further links). Please note that it is important to provide accurate, complete information (especially course title and course number - if applicable).

In addition to the request form please hand in the following attachments:

  • An original course description (syllabus) that describes the course's content, kind of examination, level of course (bachelor's or master's degree), workload and credits (ECTS) and an overview of literature
  • Certification that you still have the right to take examinations (Prüfungsanspruch besteht), for example a Certificate of Good Standing (Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung) from your previous university
  • Official performance record

Please not that the course description must be in German or English.

Where can I deliver my request?

Please send us the request form and module description as one PDF per module by email. In addition to the request form, we also require your transcript of records. This will be requested in the original if necessary.

Please note: we do only consider complete documents (signed request form and all attachments)!

What are the process steps for my request?

The Student Advisory Service will check your documents and forward them to the responsible persons for the study programmes.

Please note that the duration of the approval process will take at least eight weeks.

How will I get the result of the application process?

Case 1: Your request is accepted

The Examination Office will send you an E-mail to inform you that your request has been accepted and the course is registered in FlexNow. Contact persons from the Examination Office are Ms. Scheede and Ms. Fedry (Team Examination Office).

Case 2: Request is denied

The Student Advisory Service will send you an E-mail to inform you that your request has been denied. We offer guidance with all resulting questions and concerns.