Research 'hands on': Interdisciplinary research workshops held by foreign language teaching experts

Here is your possibility to learn more about research 'hands on': The sections of teaching English, French and Spanish as foreign languages offer an interdisciplinary practice course as an introduction to research methods in foreign language teaching. The course was developed as part of the Schlözer-Programm-Lehrerbildung and consists of workshops held by experts in foreign language teaching who present their own research projects paying special attention to the methodology. During the workshops, the students get the opportunity to work with authentic material or on their own mini-surveys in order to gain an overview over different methods of survey and evaluation. Thus, topics vary from finding and defining a research question over conducting an interview, transcription and coding of interview excerpts to constructing a questionnaire. The course is designed to prepare the students for the 4-week internship at school and also covers the topics of action research, ethics in research and 'field work'. To sum it up, the course which is financed through 'Studienqualitätsmittel' aims at providing the students with the means to answer a relevant didactic question and to use the results of (didactic) surveys both during their internship and their further professional career.

Summer Semester 2017
Thursday 12:15-15:15 (every two weeks)
in SEP 0.247

The practice course will be offered during the coming semesters as well and is open to all students who study foreign language teaching. It is especially recommended for students who will take part in the ?Forschungspraktikum?/4-week-internship in one of the three foreign languages. You can earn credits for the following master modules:

M.Frz. 303.1, M.Frz 304.1
M.Sp.303.1, M.Sp.304.1
M.EP.03-1b-L (FoP),
WiPa d B.EP.07-W2.Mp