Prof. Dr. Inga MOECK

Research projects

  • GeoLux 2020-2021: Investigation of the geothermal potential of Luxembourg by quantitative methods (funded by myEnergy Luxembourg)
  • mesoTherm 2020-2024: Exploration and exploitation of medium-deep hydrothermal reservoires – a contribution to the heat transition in North Germany (funded by BMWi)
  • ZoKrates (LIAG) 2020-2021: Zonated reservoir treatment on natural fracture systems in deep carbonates for the development of a petrothermal pilot site in Germany (funded by BMWi)
  • PlayType (LIAG) 2017-2021: Cataloging geothermal provinces by the play type concept for economic development and internationalisation of the German geothermal industry (funded by BMWi)
  • REgine (LIAG) 2019-2021: Geophysical-geological reservoir engineering for deep carbonates (funded by BMWi)