Ruth Kaburi, BSc. M.A.

Social Science Researcher

Ruth Kaburi is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Ghana. She holds a Master’s in International Relations. Her research interests include sexuality, gender, and gender-based violence, global health security, as well as social policy and the welfare state. From June 2022 - October 2022, she was part of the research team in Ghana on the project: “Individual and collective memories of slavery and the slave trade: A contrastive comparison of different communities, generations and groupings in Ghana and Brazil” (funded by DFG) at the Institute of Methods and Methodological Principles in the Social Sciences, University of Göttingen. Using biographical narratives interviews she enquired into enduring religious belief systems as manifested through individual and collective memories of the Ga-Tabom, a community of descendants of Afro-Brazilian slave returnees in Ghana.

Her current research examines show hypermasculinity is disrupted among young men in challenging contexts. There is limited knowledge on emergent masculinities in the context of adolescence onset of uncategorized chronic illness in boys and young men, and more broadly in disruptive life course events in sub-Saharan African setting. This study seeks to explore the process involved in identity formation among youth experiencing adverse life events with the aim of theory building.