SAP Remoteconnection

With the following instructions you can establish a remote connection to the SAP software:
Please mind, that you have to be either directly connected to the university network or use a VPN Client in order to do this.

  • On your PC keyboard press "Windows-key + r"
    In the appearing dialog enter mstsc and press Enter.
  • SAP_Remoteverbindung_1

  • The Serveraddress is:
    Then click on show options on the bottom.
  • SAP_Remoteverbindung_2

  • In the tab local ressources select the items printer and clipboard.
    Then click on more
  • SAP_Remoteverbindung_3

  • There select "drives" and click on OK afterwards.
  • SAP_Remoteverbindung_4

  • Go back to the tab general and click on save as
  • SAP_Remoteverbindung_5

  • Then select Desktop and type in a name for the connection. Important: The file-ending must be .rdp.
  • SAP_Remoteverbindung_6