Study Programmes Offered by the Faculty of Humanities

Please note that this page is still under construction. (10/2022)

The Faculty of Humanities is the largest faculty at the University of Göttingen. It offers numerous study opportunities, some with unique subject combinations. In the following, we would like to inform you about your range of studies.

In the monobachelor, one subject is studied. The Faculty of Humanities offers three degree programmes of this type:

Further information about the monobachelor at the Faculty of Humanities can be found here.

In the two-subject bachelor's degree, two subjects are studied equally. Except for the subjects of East Asian Studies, all subjects can be combined with each other. The combination with subjects of other faculties within the scope of the two-subject bachelor is also permissible (e.g. Political Science, Law, Economics or Computer Science, see flyer "The Bachelor's Program" in the right column).

Further information about the two-subject-bachelor at the Faculty of Humanities can be found here.

In the teaching profession profile, two subjects are studied equally. The subjects of the Faculty of Humanities can also be combined with subjects of other faculties (e.g. math or sports). Only the teaching profession at grammar schools is offered. ATTENTION: Only certain subject combinations are allowed in the subsequent Master of Education. The Master of Education is necessary to become a teacher at the Gymnasium. This means that the possible combinations should already be taken into account when choosing a subject in the Bachelor. The possible combinations can be found in the table of subject combinations, which can be found under the respective links under the tab 'application':

Master of Education

Information on the Master of Education, which follows the teaching-related Bachelor, can be found here.

Master of Arts

All of the subjects offered in the two-subject Bachelor's programme offer a postgraduate Master's programme. Furthermore, there are subjects in the Master of Arts that have no equivalent in the Bachelor. Modules from up to three subjects can be combined in the Master of Arts.

List of the Master’s Degree Programmes:

Further information on the programme and structure of the Master of Arts can be found here.

Information on a doctorate at the Faculty of Humanities can be found here.

* This degree programme is only offered in this form at the University of Göttingen in Lower Saxony.