Sub-project: Atlas

The aim of the sub-project "Atlas" is to create an interactive map of the world illustrating the various existing sign languages that have been investigated so far and their grammatical characteristics. Next to well-studied Western sign languages - like for example American, German, French or Israelian Sign Language - there are also less detailed documented sign languages such as Inuit Sign Language in northern Canada. Sign language researchers all over the world study these sign languages and find interesting differences in their linguistic structure. The linguistic investigations can range from "basic word-order in a sentence" to "specific functions of nonmanual components", or historical relations between certain sign languages. Both elements - an overview of all investigated sign languages of the world and their grammatical phenomena - will be visually combined in the Atlas. In addition, the described grammatical phenomena will each be explained in a short introductory text and link to the respective sign languages. This interactive atlas will be made accessible online for everybody and is expected to grow even after the end of the Sign-Hub project.