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National Chengchi University is a Taiwan-based national research university. The university is also considered the earliest public service training facility of the Republic of China. First established in Nanjing in 1927, the university was subsequently relocated to Taipei in 1954. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious and prominent universities in Taiwan. The university, abbreviated as NCCU, specializes in arts and humanities, mass media, linguistics and literature, social sciences, economics, management, politics, and international affairs programs.It is the only publicly funded university in Taiwan which provides courses in journalism, advertising, radio and television, diplomacy, and several languages which are not taught at other institutions in Taiwan. The name Chengchi means governance or politics, and refers to its founding in 1927 as a training institution for senior civil service for the Nanjing Nationalist government of the Republic of China. The university has strong ties with academic institutions like Academia Sinica, National Yangming University, National Taiwan University and National Palace Museum. As of 2021, NCCU is the fifth member institution of the University System of Taiwan.


  • NCCU's main campus is in the Wenshan District (in the southern part of Taipei)
  • Public & Business Administration Education Center on Jinhua Street in Daan District (branch campus)
  • Institute of International Relations on Wanshou Road (branch campus)

Number of Students: 16,247

Faculties: NCCU has ten colleges, including colleges of Commerce, Communication, Foreign Languages and Literature, Education, International Affairs, Law, Liberal Arts, Science, Social Sciences and International Innovation, encompassing 34 departments and 48 graduate institutes.

Language requirements: English B2

Housing: You can apply to the university for a place in a dormitory, but you are not guaranteed a room. Or you can organize your own accommodation off campus.

You can find more information on the university's website and at "Gö abroad" (in German).

Study abroad experience reports (in German):

The National Taiwan Normal University is one of Taiwan’s elite institutions. After it was founded in 1922 the university focused on training teachers. However, since 1994 the institution was restructured into a comprehensive university that covers a wide range of subjects.

Campus:The university offers 3 campuses. While the main campus and the Gonggua campus are located in Taipei City, the Linkou campus is situated within New Taipei City.

Number of students: over 8.000 Undergraduates and 7.000 Graduates with over 1.000 international students

Faculties: 11 faculties. Here you can look at the different faculties.

Language requirements:

  • English: TOEFL IBT above 80 or no IELTS part beneath 6.5
  • Language of instruction Chinese: HSK 6 (score above 220)

Housing: You can apply to the university for a place in a dormitory, but you are not guaranteed a room. Or you can organize your own accommodation off campus.

The National Tsing Hua University was founded in Hsinchu in 1953 by researchers from the Peking Tsinghua University after the Chinese Civil War and is considered one of Taiwan's top universities. For a long time, it has been distinguished, particularly for its research excellence in the natural sciences, but it also provides excellent educational and training opportunities for students from other disciplines. Its proximity to the "Science Park," Taiwan's Silicon Valley, also offers unique opportunities for students. Despite a challenging history, the National Tsing Hua University maintains close connections with Peking Tsinghua University, with both universities insisting on being the "true" Tsinghua University..

Campus: The university is divided into 2 campuses: the Main Campus and the Nanda Campus. International students are accommodated on the Main Campus.

Number of Students: Approximately 9,000 undergraduate students, as well as around 9,000 master's and doctoral students.

Faculties: 8 faculties. You can view the faculties here.

Required Language Proficiency: None (English recommended).

Housing: You can apply to the university for a place in a dormitory, but you are not guaranteed a room. Or you can organize your own accommodation off campus.

Dr. Maren Büttner
South Africa, China, Latin America, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan
Email: maren.buettner@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Netra Bhandari
India (from winter semester 2022/23)
Email: netra.bhandari@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Patricia Missler
Israel and Russia
Email: patricia.missler@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Dr. Martin Jagonak
Japan, North America, Oceania
Email: martin.jagonak@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

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