Musicology in Göttingen

Musicology is the study of music in all its diverse forms and contexts. The Department of Musicology in Göttingen is subdivided into the disciplines of historical musicology and cultural musicology. Both disciplines are represented by own professorships and staff and provide a supplementary access to music. There is therefore a wide spectrum of possibilities for students to choose individual specialisms from the full range of musicological research.

The Department is embedded in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Göttingen.
Thanks to the Faculty's large number of different departments and individual disciplines, students have a wide and diverse range of options when it comes to combining different areas and fields of study.
In addition, the Department of Musicology also has a close and fruitful cooperation with the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover, based on a formal agreement which provides a framework for building on common areas of interest in research and teaching. This agreement lays the foundation for establishing Göttingen/Hanover as a centre of excellence in music research. The agreement also makes it possible for students of each of the two institutions to attend courses at the other.