Transfer from study credits from Germany and abroad at the Institute for Educational Science

As a rule, the Accreditation Officer's at the Institute for Educational Science make a proposal for transferring the student's credits and/or for placement of the student in a subject-related semester. However the actual credit transfer or placement is then done by the Examination Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences and/or by the Office of Student Affairs.

Before contacting the concerned party, please do not fail to note the following information concerning transfer of study credits.

IfE Accreditation Officer for the Teaching Profession
Dr. Susanne Masuch

  • Educational Science in the Master of Education degree programme
  • Educational science competence in
    Two-subject Bachelor's degree programme with teacher training

Accreditation Officer for subject-related studies in educational science
Thomas Göymen-Steck, M.A. (Director of Studies)

  • Selected subject: Educational Science in the B.A. degree programme Social Sciences
  • Master in Educational Science with a focus on research and development in the educational system

Informations concerning transfer of study credits to the Institute for Educational Science

A) Credit transfers and semester placements from within Germany/ within the University of Göttingen

  • 1. Send the PDF form to teh Accreditation Officer(s): The transfer of study credits has become much more conveneient in the digital age. You do not have to come in during office hours for this purpose, but can in most cases clarify the transfer of credits with the Accreditation Officer by e-mail.In any case you should first download the acceptance form for examination credits [PDF-Download] , digitally fill in the fields in the upper section, and save the form under your last name. Next, please send it, together with a PDF version of your Transcript of Records or a suitable overview of your examination results and information about the module to be accredited by e-mail to the Accreditation Officer. The same procedure also applies to semester placements.
  • 2. Checking/ Credits transfer: The Accreditation Officer will check your documents and will notify you by e-mail of the further steps to be taken. In most cases, your credits will be (partially) tranfered and you will then be informed only about the time at whixch you should collect your semester placement, the sending of the credit transfer documents to the Examination Office and/or any additional procedures that might be necessary.
  • 3. Semester placement: If you can be promoted to a more advanced semester on the basis of your performance, submit your semester placement together with the application for curricular modification (link to the form) to the Office of Student Affairs of the University of Göttingen.

B) Transfer of study credits fro abroad (including ERASMUS)

Pleas load the Schematic overview of the acceptance process in advance!

  • 1. Counselling and preparation: Before you go abroad, please contact:

    • for the Teaching Profession Patrizia Schmelzeisen (Counselling: Stays Abroad - ZELB) or
    • for the subject-ralted studies in educational science (B.A. in Social Sciences and Master's Degree in Educational Science) Philipp Kleinert (Counsellor and Coordinator for International Affairs Faculty of Social Sciences) first

    and then the concerned Accreditation Officer of the IfE (see above). While the former attends to the preparation for your stay abroad in general, the latter is absolutely essential for the conclusion of a Learning Agreement. This Learning Agreement is an understanding between you and the Institute. A decision will then be made concerning which of the courses you would like to complete at the host university can be bindingly accredited for which modules at Göttingen University. The agreement must be concluded prior to the commencement of your stay abroad, but can be adapted onc emore (within one month of your arrival at the host university) if the local situation changes.

    • 2. Proposed Learning Agreement: In order to conclude an agreement of this type, you must first locate information about the courses that you would like to attend abroad (i.e. scheduled courses with information about the curricular contents). You must send this infomation, together with your name, your matriculation number and your degree programme (if applicable, subjects and/or specialisations) and as far as possible, a link to the catalogue of lectures of the subject at the guest university, by e-mail to the Accreditation Officer. In this first e-mail, additionally include your own suggestions as to which courses attended abroad are accreditable to the modules in your study curriculum at Göttingen, and if applicable, list which modules you would still be missing in your courses of study. Ideally, and to accelerate the process, please make these suggestions directly in the form "ECTS Learning Agreement" [PDF], which you should send as an attachment to the e-mail.
      • 3. Checking and Agreement: The Accreditation Officer will check your documents and will notify you by e-mail of the further steps to be taken. In an optimal case, a Learning Agreement could be prepared by the Accreditation Officer based on your first e-mail itself (for example, on the ERASMUS form page), which then only needs to be signed by you (and the relevant contact person at the host university). In other cases, a discussion during the office hours of the Accreditation Officer could become necessary.
        • 4. Acceptance of academic credits:: After the completion of your stay abroad, please contact the Accreditation Officer by e-mail as early as possible. As far as possible, please send the transcript of the credits earned at the host university along with this e-mail itself. On this basis and in the light of the Learning Agreement of the Accreditation officer can check your student credits and send the acceptance documents to the Examination office, which will enter the credits acquired abroad into the Göttingen Modules.