Who we are & what we want ...

The Equal Opportunities Office of the Faculty of Humanities supports the equal opportunities mandate of the University of Göttingen for the Faculty of Humanities. Within this framework, the Equal Opportunities Officer acts as a representative for equal opportunities policy interests of the Faculty of Humanities and offers information and advice on:

  • Quality assurance in staffing and appeal proceedings
  • Maternity protection and parental leave, parental allowance, childcare, "studying with children"
  • Career re-entry, job and career planning
  • Training measures and funding opportunities/ scholarships for women
  • The prevention and prosecution of sexual harassment, bullying, conflict (resolution) in the workplace, etc.

Thus, the Equal Opportunity Office serves as a point of contact and consultation for all members of the Faculty of Humanities.

We work for equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and career as well as for protection against discrimination.

In our equal opportunity work, we take into account the different life situations of the members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and seek to create scope for action for the various needs of the members of the university.
The overarching goal is to establish gender-equitable structures across the faculty that are effective in society.

The Equal Opportunities Office therefore sees itself as a specialist office for equal opportunities policy issues, as a point of contact and advice in special life situations and crises, or in conflict situations at the workplace. The Equal Opportunity Officer organizes lectures, seminars, workshops, (co-)publishes information brochures, and her staff members have experience in scientific, socio-political, and social issues related to gender.