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Project WiSch (WissenSchreiben) during Winter Term 2023/2024

The module "Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften - Academic Writing Partnerships" of the International Writing Lab - a subarea of the Key Competences "Interkulturelle Interaktionen" (Intercultural Interactions) - will conduct the project WiSch together with the Forum Wissen during Winter Term 23/24. It is based on the 2nd prize-winning idea from Ideas Competition for Students "PEBL - Peer-based Learning" in 2021 - "Studying transforms you – let’s transform how you study!", which proposes an intercultural learning-teaching experience and emphasises learning from one another.

Students work in internationally composed small groups on projects of their own choice. The topics develop from the exhibitions of Forum Wissen. Teachers and tutors of the International Writing Lab accompany and support you throughout the writing project process.

In the module "Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften - Academic Writing Partnerships" you can work in German as well as in English. You can obtain 4 credits in the key competences for the work in the project. For graduation, participants create a portfolio in which they document and reflect on their project work.

Our project has the following contents:

  • an intercultural cooperation in tandems / small groups
  • guided tours of the Forum Wissen and talks/interviews with the staff
  • a collaboration with Forum Wissen on topics of choice, such as museum history, looking at individual departments or objects, writing articles and reviews on exhibitions and events
  • production of texts for academic disciplines and/or newspapers and magazines or social media in collaborative writing processes
  • getting feedback on the collaborative work on the projects as well as the individual drafts of the texts
  • a joint final evening in the Forum Wissen with a presentation of the individual projects

We would like to invite all interested students to share this project experience with us. Registrations are possible via EXA and Studip under the module ISZ 13 "Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften".

The Academic Writing Partnerships in the programme InDiGU (Integration and Diversity at Göttingen University) also aim to support students in getting well integrated into everyday life at Göttingen University. Within the framework of InDiGU, you can also obtain the International Certificate.