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ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Alec Wodtke
(mpi-bpc) The Göttingen researcher Alec Wodtke has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. The European Research Council (ERC) is funding the chemist's work with around €2.5 million for the next f… - Short message, 18.04.2017

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage appointed Max Planck Fellow
Mathematician and Max Planck Institute intensify their cooperation in the field of solar physics (mps) Applied Mathematician Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage from the University of Göttinge… - Short message, 05.04.2017

Göttingen gets new International Max Planck Research School for Genome Science
New doctoral program at the Göttingen Campus starts this fall (mpibpc) In fall this year, the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Genome Science will start at the Gö… - Short message, 06.03.2017

Opening hours during semester breaks
Unfortunately, not everyone is able to cosy down at home during the Christmas holidays or enjoy themselves on a ski holiday: Students who have important deadlines approaching are dependent on … - Short message, 22.12.2016

Three-minute thesis competition
Call: Search for PhD-student presenters Date of the slam: February 2nd, 2017, 8pm Venue: ZHG 009 Are you a PhD student at the University of Göttingen? Can you present the core mess… - Short message, 07.12.2016

Distant star is roundest object ever observed in nature
Distant star is roundest object ever observed in nature (mps) Stars are not perfect spheres, several mechanisms can change their shape. One mechanism is rotation: the more quickly a … - Short message, 17.11.2016

Prenatal stress accelerates growth and inhibits motoric development of unborn monkeys
Researchers of the German Primate Center (DPZ) and the University of Göttingen have studied the impact of maternal stress on primate infants in the wild for the first time. At their field stat… - Short message, 21.09.2016

Guild calls for enhanced European university collaboration
Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities adds to earlier statement in the immediate wake of BREXIT Over the past few weeks, evidence has been mounting that the UK’s referend… - Short message, 09.08.2016

Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities and Coimbra Group on Brexit decision
Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities In light of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, the members of the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities affi… - Short message, 28.06.2016

New University European Network to Launch
Göttingen University a founding member of new European university network A group of world leading, universities met today (1 June, 2016) in Brussels to found the Guild of European R… - Short message, 01.06.2016

Special opening times during the holidays
The Christmas holiday break runs from Wednesday, 23 December 2015, to Tuesday, 5 January 2016. If you would like to get some studying done over the Christmas and New Year break, there are plen… - Short message, 23.12.2015

New mechanism for regulation of plastic phases in brain development
New molecular mechanism for the regulation of plastic phases in brain development discovered (umg/pug) Our ability to see or hear only develops if also the brain has learned to … - Short message, 16.06.2015

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Professor Stefan W. Hell
(pug) Professor Stefan W. Hell of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen (Germany) has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He shares the prize with Eric… - Short message, 17.11.2014

300th anniversary of Personal Union: The Duke of York tours Göttingen
Prince Andrew visits Great Hall of University, Old Town Hall and Pauliner Church (pug) The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, and the British Ambassador in Germany, Simon McDonald, visited… - Short message, 17.11.2014

Nazi-looted books handed over to original owners
The Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) has repatriated back to the University Library of Poznan 38 books that had belonged to Göttingen Library under the National Socialists. - Short message, 07.08.2013