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The Jean Monnet Chair, headed by Prof. Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll, conducts teaching and research on sustainable development at European and global level as a visible key reference area for European studies on European integration.

It is located at the Department of International Economic and Environmental Law within the Institute of International and European Law as part of Göttingen University's Faculty of Law.

The Chair’s activities are designed not only to serve students and academics with a background in law, but also those of other programs which address sustainability-related topics from a disciplinary point of view.

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Model Labour Chapter

26 July 2021. Prof. Peter-Tobias Stoll, Dr. Henner Gött, and Dr. Patrick Abel, in cooperation with Bernd Lange, MEP and Chair of the Committee on International Trade at the European Parliament, present a model labour chapter for future EU trade agreements. The model presents an ambitious approach to secure and enhance the protection of workers. It contains substantive labour protection standards, an institutional and procedural framework, and provisions to empower participation of civil society. Download as PDF here.


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EU-African Trade Agreement

25 June 2021. Would it make sense for the EU to conclude a trade agreement with the newly founded African Continental Free Trade Area and its members? What would it look like and what steps would have to be taken? In an interdisciplinary study by the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Prof. Stoll and Malte Gutt from the Institute and Prof. Bernhard Brümmer and Dr. Bernhard Dalheimer from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of Göttingen University see a potential for such an agreement. Study (PDF, German only).


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Study on Brexit

22 March 2021. After leaving the European Union, international agreements will hardly prevent the UK from considerably changing its policies in view of the protection of the environment, consumers and labour standards. This is the result of a study of Prof. Stoll, head of the Jean Monnet Chair, that was commissioned by the Parliament of the German State of Northrhine-Westfalia. The study now has been derestricted and can be downloaded here (in German only).


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Call for Applications

14 February 2021. The Call for Applications to the new project "ECI from A to Z" is open now! The Jean Monnet Chair is looking for 20 students who are interested in engaging in this dynamic and collaborative project about the European Citizens' Initiative, which is conducted together with other EU universities. The selected students will participate in online training activities and a transnational simulation of the European Citizens' Initiative. Deadline for applications is 15 April 2020. Download the Call for Applications here.


New Project: ECI from A to Z

14 February 2021. The Jean Monnet Chair has joined the universities of Coimbra (Portugal), Vigo (Spain), and Iasi (Romania) to conduct the new interactive project "European Citizen's Initiative: A tool for engagement and active citizenship". The project with the short title "ECI from A to Z" aims to promote civic engagement and voluntary participation and to model a European Citizens' Initiative's procedure before the European Commission. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU. More information can be found here and on the project website.


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European Green Deal

15 January 2021. Prof. Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll, head of the Jean Monnet Chair, gave a presentation on the EU Commission's Green Deal from an environmental law perspective. The presentation was part of the international forum of environmental justice (foro internacional de justicia ambiental) which was hosted in Santiago by the 2nd environmental court of Chile. Prof. Stoll said that, in order to ensure consistent and effective sustainibility policy making, there is a need for institutions which can evaluate and coordinate the Green Deal measures.


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EU Trade and Sustainability

08 January 2021. The Jean Monnet Chair offers a seminar on "EU Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development" in summer semester 2021. The seminar will deal with recent EU international trade and investment agreements and trade policy initiatives. It will focus on how these agreements and initiatives aim at promoting sustainable development in global perspective. Introductory meetings will take place online on 2 February and 7 April at 6 pm. Participants receive the language certificate. Further information can be found here.


Introductory Meeting
Seminar: EU Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development

Introductory Meeting
Seminar: EU Trade and Investment for Sustainable Development

Conference Speech
The European Green Deal


Erasmus+ Programme
UN Sustainable Development Goals