SFB 1528 - Cognition of Interaction

What do we know about emerging vocalisations in infants with neurodevelopmental disorders?

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The early development of pre-babbling vocalisations, babbling and language in typically developing children is well-understand. But what about infants with neurodevelopmental disorders? Pre-babbling vocalisations may provide valuable early signs for atypical development, but as a new review by SFB members Peter Marschik, Claudius Widmann and Florentin Wörgötter shows, little is known about the pre-babbling phase in infants with neurodevelopmental and genetic syndromes


Dec 1st: Constantin Rothkopf speaks about Computational models of naturalistic sensorimotor decisions and actions

Artificial intelligence

We are looking forward to welcoming Constantin Rothkopf from the TU Darmstadt as guest speaker in our lecture series. On Thursday, Dec 1st, 2022 at 3 PM he will speak about a framework providing computational models to explain human behaviour.


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