Admission Criteria

Please check whether you are qualified for the admission to our PhD programme before starting the application. The following four requirements are mandatory:


First you need a supervisor willing to host your project for at least three years. This person must be a reviewer authorized by the faculty. You can only apply to us as a doctoral student once you have found a supervisor. An overview of research interests and ongoing projects, as well as contact information, can be found on the websites of the individual departments.


Financing for your project must be secured for a period of three years. It can be obtained through the supervisor, which includes employment at the university. Candidates may also finance their project through a scholarship, in which case they will not be employed by the university.

Master’s degree

For admission, you need a subject-related mat.-nat. Master’s degree from a German university. If you have received your degree in a non-German country, an equivalence check will be necessary.

Languague requirements

English is often the working languague in the departments. As scientist you must be able to read, write and communicate fluently in English at least at level B2/C1. As PhD student in the field of psychology we do recommend to also have knowlege in German at level B1/B2. However, it is not necessary to provide a proof in knowledge of German and/or English. But, as you live in Germany we do recommend to have some knowledge in German and encourage you to take German classes, as it makes your every day life smoother.

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