An Introduction to “Wissenschaftsdeutsch”

ATTENTION:The course is canceled in the short term!

- Soft Skills -

Target group:
International PhD-students of the GGG, other PhD-students, with good knowledge of German

Type of training:
multi-day workshop

Thu. 07.02. + Fri. 08.02. (09:00 – 17:00) ATTENTION:The course is canceled in the short term!

Oec. 0.211

Available seats: 16
Course language: English
Requirements: good knowledge of German
Lecturer: Frank Lauterbach

Seminar’s objectives:
Even though English has, globally speaking, become the dominant language of academic communication, working and studying at a German university often requires you to write and present academic work in German. This includes everything from seminar reports to full-blown publications or conference presentations. Therefore, it is important for you to know what is considered good academic German (Wissenschaftsdeutsch).
That is what this course is all about, i.e., we will analyze and practice what is expected of you when you are using German at university. This includes questions of style, word choice, grammatical features, and text organization. And, as writing and speaking in German does not merely mean using a foreign language but also implies a different general approach to writing and presenting, we will also look at some of the specifics of German academic culture, including such important issues as plagiarism and your role as author. By the end of this course, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how German is used in university contexts and you should, thus, be able to express yourself more academically in German.

Good knowledge of German is necessary as sample texts will be analyzed and at least some of the course will be taught in German. Questions and problems can, however, be discussed in English.

Credits: 1 Credits
Demands: depending on Credits

Application starts 19.11.2012 (until 07.01.2013)
Application only via:
Further information: Anne Wiese, Phone: +551 39-4149

This course is sponsered by the "Stipendien- und Betreuungsprogramm (Stibet)" of the German Exchange Service DAAD.