Career Development and Third-Party-Funding (Dorothea Schlözer Mentoring-Programm)

Trainerin: Dr. Beate Scholz
Datum: 31. Januar/ 1. Februar 2013 (9:30-17:00 Uhr)
Ort: Tagungszentrum Historische Sternwarte, Geismar Landstr. 11, Großer Seminarraum

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"Career development and third-party-funding"
Scientists are increasingly faced with the requirement to act in an entrepreneurial manner by acquiring external funds. Also they have to take control of their own academic careers.
The two day workshop with Dr. Beate Scholz (Scholz - consulting training coaching, Bonn) aims to prepare doctoral students for these requirements.

Day 1:
- Basics of the German and European science system
- Typology of research funding with a focus on humanities and social sciences
- Dealing with programs, project planning and perceptions of assessment
- Research funding - Application Do's and Don'ts

Day 2:
- Individual short-coaching with Dr. Scholz (Participation on the second day only expected for the Coaching)