Essential time and self-management skills for your PhD (GGG)

Target group:
PhD students of the GGG, other PhD students if free places are available

Jan 31 - Feb 1 (09:00-17:00) & July 5 (09:30-13:30)

Tagungszentrum an der Sternwarte / Convention Center by the Observatory, Geismar Landstraße 11
Room: big seminar room
Available seats: 15
Course language: English
Teacher: Dr. Anna Maria Beck

Seminars objectives:
Sooner or later, many PhD students realize that they need a different approach to time- and self-management for their doctoral thesis. There are two main reasons for that: The project’s complexity and large time-frame – and self-doubt and lack of motivation, which can subconsciously drain energy and sabotage all planning efforts.
In this workshop, we will look at time- and self-management from a holistic point of view. First, the workshop will provide PhD students with concrete methods to organize their project and track their progress. Attendees will also reflect on individual needs they should account for when planning and on personal strengths they can use to carry out their plans. Second, we will look at the root causes of procrastination and writer’s block and develop individual strategies to tackle these issues. Finally, everyone will be invited to reflect and visualize their personal motivation and their goals in order to ensure sustainable, long-term motivation even when times might get a bit rough.
Lesson contents:

  • methods & tools for organising a long-term-project
  • methods for measuring progress and keeping motivated
  • self-management techniques
  • root causes of procrastination and writer's block and how to deal with them
  • individual reflection of personal motivation and goals

Credits: 2 Credits
Attendance, five short protocols in between first and second part of the workshop, 2-page-paper on personal motivation

Application starts Nov 13, 2018
Application only via:
Contact for more information: Dr. Britta Korkowsky, Phone: +551 39-28219

This course is organized by the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG).

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