canceled:Intercultural Training in Science and Research

Target group:
International PhD students of the GGG, other PhD students if free places are available

November 15 & November 22, 2018

Historische Sternwarte (Tagungszentrum) / Historical Observatory (Conference Centre), Geismar Landstraße 11
Großer Seminarraum
Available seats: 16
Course language: English
Teacher: Prof. Dr. Gardenia Alonso

Seminars objectives:
To successfully tackle the challenges of today's multicultural academic and professional landscape also researchers have to be able to facilitate difficult conversations and manage intercultural work situations and conflicts effectively. Building the capacity to mediate successfully with differing cultural perspectives is a critical component for creating and maintaining sustainable professional relationships and performance in this field.
Designed as an interactive workshop, this training provides participants with essential cross-cultural skills for building collaborative relationships and work effectively in the field of science and research. Using hands-on exercises and simulation role-plays, participants will identify and analyze personal approaches to different intercultural situations, practice giving presentations to an international audience considering intercultural aspects, build their capacity as facilitators and problem-solvers in international research teams and increase their cross-cultural competency.

It is mandatory to contact the lecturer two weeks before the course starts to agree upon a topic of the presentation (course examination).
Please note that you have to be able to attend the two day-sessions completely if you register for this course!
It is possible to hand in a paper based on the presentation after the course. If you pass this paper you will get another additional credit.

lesson content:

  • Creating awareness of different cultural and individual styles to maximise research and business operations at home and abroad.
  • Preparation for living and working in a new country, preventing culture shock and easing transition.
  • Development of dynamic intercultural communication skills and further cultural competence to enhance relationships and work operations

Credits: 2 (+1) Credits
Demands: research and preparation of an individual presentation / performance of a short intercultural training section + short report as well as full and active participation within the training
optional: paper (+ 1 credit)

Application starts August 14, 2018
Application only via:
Contact for more information: Britta Korkowsky, Phone: +551 39-20904

This course is organized by the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG).

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This course is sponsered by the "Stipendien- und Betreuungsprogramm (Stibet)" of the German Exchange Service DAAD.