Networking at Conferences (GGG) Online Workshop

Target group:
PhD students of the GGG, other PhD students if free places are available

May 5-6, 2020 (09:00-13:00)

Course language: English
Teacher: John Kluempers, PhD

Seminars objectives:
Conferences and workshops give researchers ample opportunities to present their work--and themselves. Communication in professional forums is often decisive for future career options.
This workshop helps participants to meet people with an attitude that is both adequate and self-confident, in informal situations ("socials") as well as in academic discussion settings. We will also look at networking possibilities online as they provide even more possibilites.
Participants can improve their networking and small talk skills by activating communication tools that made them successful as an academic. Onlen communication gives many also solid footing ahead of conference meetings.
After the workshop, they will be able to plan professional gatherings in advance and feel more comfortable in the social setting of their academic community. Most importantly, participants will be able to set their own goals and to develop concrete strategies to achieve them.- To identify players, roles, and goals at conferences. Course content:

  • To derive and develop your individual networking strategies (personal questionnaire)
  • To learn to start, develop, and end conversations
  • To overcome specific hurdles to approach decision makers
  • Under the current circumstances, to develop online strategies for your professional networking

Credits: 0 Credits (1 Credit, if you also take part in "Scientific Presentation: Getting it Right")
Demands: earnest participation

Application starts on Feb 11, 2019
Application only via:
Contact for more information: Dr. Britta Korkowsky, Phone: +551 39-28219

This course is organized by the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG).

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