Section A: Synaptic Dynamics and Information Processing

A1 – „Realistic“ Modelling of short term synaptic plasticity in neuronal networks
Erwin Neher (MPIBPC), Marc Timme (MPIDS)

A2 - A theory for the origin of patterns of precisely timed spikes
Marc Timme (MPIDS)

A3 - Modelling calcium-dependent signal cascades in motoneurons
Bernhard Keller (UMC), Annette Zippelius (MPIDS/UPhys)

A4 - Impact of hair cell synaptic coding on auditory processing
Tobias Moser (UMC), Fred Wolf (MPIDS)

Section B: Network-Level Adaptation

B1 - Role of glomerular and reciprocal synapses in the olfactory bulb for the formation of an olfactory map and olfactory learning
Detlev Schild (UMC), Reiner Kree (UPhys)

B2 - Computational analysis of synchronization in cortical spike data
Theo Geisel (MPIDS/UPhys), Stefan Treue (DPZ)

B3 - Replacing mechanisms of selective attention by transcranial direct current stimulation
Walter Paulus (UMC), Jens Frahm (MPIBPC), Stefan Treue (DPZ)

B4 - Physiology and pathophysiology of adaptive respiratory behaviors
Mathias Dutschmann (UMC), Michael Müller (UMC)

Section C: Cognitive Adaptation

C1 - Task-dependent allocation of resources by attention: physiology
Stefan Treue (DPZ), Theo Geisel (MPIDS/UPhys)

C2 - Task-dependent allocation of resources by attention: functional brain imaging and psychophysics
Stefan Treue (DPZ), Jens Frahm (MPIBPC)

C3 - Dynamic adaptation in decoding temporal information
Michael Herrmann (UPhys), Thomas Rammsayer (UBio)

C4 - Aging effects in selective attention
Marcus Hasselhorn (UBio), Michael Herrmann (UPhys), Henning Gibbons (UBio)

D1 – Motor learning with multiple internal models
Michael Herrmann (UPhys)

Section D: Motor Adaptation and Neuroprosthetics

D2 – Control of advanced hand prosthesis by myoelectric signals
Horst Willburger (Ottobock), Walter Paulus (UMC), Michael Herrmann (UPhys)

D3 - EMG-triggered muscle stimulation: Neuroplastic limits of funtional improvement in chronic
hemiparetic stroke patients
Walter Paulus (UMC), Theo Geisel (MPIDS/UPhys), Lüder Mosler (Ottobock), Jens Frahm (MPIBPC), Jürgen Kaus (Ottobock)

D4 - Towards a hybrid active/passive bipedal walking prosthesis
Lüder Mosler (Ottobock), Walter Paulus (UMC), Michael Herrmann (UPhys)

W3 Professorship - Computational Neuroscience
Florentin Wörgötter (UPhys)

JRG Junior Research Group - Sensorimotor Transformations and Neuroprosthetics
Alexander Gail (DPZ)

DPZ    German Primate Center;    ENI    European Neuroscience Institute;    MPIBPC Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry;
MPIDS    Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization;    MPIEM     Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine;   
UBio    Faculty of Biology and Psychology - University Göttingen;    UInf    Institute of Computer Science - University Göttingen;   
UMath    Institute of Mathematics - University Göttingen;    UMC    University Medical Center Göttingen;   UPhys     Faculty of Physics - University Göttingen