Submission Guidelines

Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding to the submission.

Manuscript guidelines

  1. Submissions should be accompanied by an assurance that the article has not been published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere.
  2. Manuscripts should normally range from 4,000 to 7,000 words in length, including footnotes. However, shorter or larger articles may be considered.
  3. Articles should include a 150-word (maximum) abstract and four to six keywords.
  4. Authors are requested to consult and follow the Article Guidelines of the Göttingen Journal of International Law (GoJIL).
  5. The Jean Monnet Chair encourages authors to refer to research material published not only in English but also in other languages.
  6. Manuscripts should contain the follow structure: Title, Author (indicating the affiliation and email in footnote), Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Contents and Conclusion
  7. All manuscripts received are reviewed, evaluated and edited by the Chair and his academic staff.

Submission instructions

All material should be submitted in Word format. Manuscripts can be accepted for evaluation only when submitted via email to Note: Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing any illustrations, tables, figures or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere.