Alter Botanischer Garten

33rd Cacti and Succulents Bourse

On 3 June from 09:30-16:00 the 33rd Cactus and Succulent Bourse will take place in the Old Botanical Garden.

Sukkulentenboerse 2019

The peonies flowering now

After the magnolias, the peonies now delight us with their flowering splendour


The summer flowers are starting

After the "Ice Saints" (12-14 May) the last potted plants have moved outdoors and the beds with summer flowers are also being replanted.

sommerblumen pflanzen



We cordially invite you to visit the Göttingen Old Botanical Garden and immerse yourself in the blaze of colour of the summer flowers. Enjoy the variety of blossoms, be enchanted by the fragrances and discover the natural beauty that this season brings.

Please note that the newly planted summer flowers still need some time to unfold their full splendour.

Your team from the Old Botanical Garden