Recognition of studies abroad

Dear Erasmus+ students,

The so-called Learning Agreement regulates which courses you will take at your partner university and which will be recognised for your further studies. Before starting your semester abroad, you must discuss with Dr. Esther Fichtler which courses are suitable for recognition and - after nomination - conclude the Learning Agreement on the courses to be taken.

However, there are always questions and discrepancies when filling out the agreement. The information on this Annex concerning the Learning Agreement should help to clarify these in advance. Therefore, we would ask you to read and complete the following pages carefully. Please note that this table on the supplementary sheet does not replace your (online) Learning Agreement, which you still have to complete. The table serves to check your course selection and the resulting possibility of recognition in advance and to be able to clarify questions arising from the general conditions for the recognition of examinations taken abroad (point 3) at an early stage.

After returning from your semester abroad, you can apply for recognition of your achievements via eCampus (forms of the Examination Office/recognition of academic achievements). For the recognition you need the transcript of records of the achievements, a module description of the completed module, and an up-to-date list of achievments from FlexNow.

The data will be entered in FlexNow by the Examination Office after verification and you will receive a notification.

Contact address for recognition of achievements from abroad:

Dr. Esther Fichtler
International Affairs Officer
Erasmus+ Coordinator
International Student Advisory Service
Büsgenweg 5, Room 1.125
37077 Göttingen
Tel.: 0551 39 - 28112