The research of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences reflects agricultural research a system-science recognizing the necessity of a cross-disciplinary and cross-system research approach. The aim is to address urgent future issues in agricultural science and to develop research-based solutions.

Research foci of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Food security and food quality

Combating hunger and hidden hunger caused by a lack of (micro-)nutrients is the central social task of agricultural systems. Food must be provided in sufficient quantity and quality. This includes the continuous optimisation of cultivation and production methods as well as the structures for food availability on a global and regional scale. Food security also means securing the agricultural and food systems themselves, i.e. taking into account the social and economic importance of the value chains for the people in the agricultural sector.

Sustainable land use and biodiversity

In land use, production systems are always also ecosystems. Research on the ecology and biology of these systems and their living organisms is the key to sustainable use and the conservation of agricultural systems through the recognition, appreciation and use of ecosystem services. This includes soil, plant and animal health as well as conservation aspects and the preservation of biodiversity and biological functions.

Understanding and managing transformation processes in the agri-food sector

Change and transformation are constant companions in the progress and development of the agri-food sector as a reflection of societal changes and technological progress. Nevertheless, agriculture is facing a comprehensive transformation in the first half of the 21st century in order to meet the requirements of future viability. This includes external factors such as climate change, social factors such as new consumption and nutritional behaviour of people, and completely new fields of activity such as protein production with insects or algae. Here, agricultural research must provide almost real-time analyses and give options for action.

Challenges of climate change for agricultural systems worldwide

Climate change means that agricultural systems must be set up locally and globally for the future. It is important to better understand functions and processes in order to provide the basis for decisions on the development of climate-resilient agricultural systems. At the same time, agricultural production systems themselves need to become climate-neutral without jeopardising food security. Multidisciplinary and systems science research points to new paths and options.

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