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Pioneering leadership

for sustainable success

A successful strategic orientation, efficient use of resources, innovation and adaptability are important factors for the success of a company. In our master's programme, you will learn about the new scientific developments in the field of corporate management and acquire the ability to map and analyse entrepreneurial decisions in all relevant economic consequences.

Master’s programme in Management ("Unternehmensführung")


Summer and winter semester


4 semesters




120 Credits

Closure of the Master's programme in Management ("Unternehmensführung")

The Master's programme in Management ("Unternehmensführung") has been completely redesigned and transformed into a new Master's programme in Management (German skills required) starting in the winter semester 2023/2024.

The former Master’s programme in Management ("Unternehmensführung") (MSc) has been closed for the winter semester 2023/2024. Application to this programme is no longer possible. Students already enrolled will be allowed to complete the programme by the end of the winter semester 2025/2026.

Information about the newly designed Master's programme in Management can be found here.

This is what you can expect during your studies

In our Master's programme in Management ("Unternehmensführung"), we teach you the ability to map and analyse entrepreneurial decisions in all relevant economic consequences. In addition, you will be able to solve complex economic problems and take on management tasks. You can design your studies according to your respective interests, focus on specific areas and give yourself an individual profile. You can also have a maximum of two of the eight specialisations offered recognised in your degree certificate if you have successfully completed a specified number of modules. You choose from the following specialisations: Information Management, Organisation and Corporate Development, Human Resource Management, Production and Logistics, Corporate Management and Controlling, Management of International Companies, Resource and Energy Management and Strategic Management.

  • Programme Structure

    The Master's programme in Management ("Unternehmensführung") is designed for four semesters, during which a total of 120 credits must be earned. It is divided into the course phase (1st to 3rd semester) and the Master's thesis (4th semester). You will deepen your knowledge in the business administration subject area of corporate management. There are extensive possibilities for individual study design and focus. Credits totalling at least 120 credits must be successfully completed in accordance with the following regulations:

    1. Mandatory courses (30 C)

    2. Specialization in management (24 C)

    3. Elective seminars and projects (12 C)

    4. Quantitative methods (6 C)

    5. Electives (18 C)

    6. Master's thesis (30 C)

    An overview of the individual areas and the selectable modules (incl. additional courses) can be found here (summer semester 2024; in German)

  • Study abroad

    The Faculty of Business and Economics offers you many opportunities to study one or two semesters at an international partner university. There are three different programmes, each with different partner universities and application deadlines:

    • Erasmus+: You will study at one of the more than 60 partner universities of the Faculty in other European countries (only students of the Faculty of Business and Economics can apply for these programmes).

    • Worldwide faculty programmes: You will study at one of the numerous partner universities of the Faculty of Business and Economics abroad, e.g. in the USA, Latin America, South Africa, Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand (only students of the Faculty of Business and Economics can apply for these programmes).

    • Worldwide university programmes: You study at a partner university of the University of Göttingen, e.g. in Australia, India, the USA, Canada or China (all students of the University can apply for these programmes).

    If you go abroad within the framework of one of the above-mentioned programmes, you usually do not have to pay tuition fees for studying at a foreign partner university (the University of Mississippi charges reduced tuition fees).

    Read more:

  • Internship

    In order to apply the acquired knowledge in the business world, to gain first work experience or to get to know possible relevant professional fields - the Faculty of Business and Economics welcomes students to gain practical experience during their studies. Therefore, you have the possibility to have a voluntary internship in the elective area of your studies credited under certain conditions. You can find detailed information here.

    Job portal of the University of Göttingen
    with external job offers (in German).

  • Career perspectives

    Management students will be able to work in all classical areas of business studies. They will attain the ability to solve complex economic problems and to perform leadership functions. Our graduates can be employed in all management and controlling areas and help shape corporate planning and control. In addition, depending on the specialisation chosen, they can also take on tasks in the areas of logistics, human resources, organisation and corporate development.

  • Study plan

What our alumni say about studying in Göttingen

  •  Portrait photo of Sebastian Ludorf. He is wearing a brown jacket and a blue and white striped shirt.

    "The master’s programme was a great preparation for my current job, as it provided me with a broad knowledge of business administration. In addition to the academic knowledge, however, the presentations and lectures during my studies as well as the conference participations during my doctorate were also a good training for various situations in my everyday professional life. Furthermore, I benefited greatly from my semester in Helsinki and can only recommend that everyone study abroad for a while."

    Dr. Sebastian Ludorf,

    diligent technology & business consulting AG, Head of the Budapest subsidiary

  • Portrait photo of Isabelle Möller. She is wearing a white blouse and a black blazer

    "During my studies, I was able to acquire sound knowledge and develop skills that are very useful to me in my everyday professional life. In addition to technical expertise, I particularly value the ability to work independently, to question existing conditions and to develop my own solutions to problems."

    Isabelle Möller,

    Consultant, McKinsey & Company

  • Portrait photo of Dr. Lena Schröder in black and white. She is wearing a white blouse and a black blazer.

    "Through my studies and doctorate at the Faculty of Business and Economics, I have learned to quickly familiarise myself with new topics, which has often helped me in my current job. Furthermore, during my studies and internships, I gained a good understanding of organisations and the basics of organisational cooperation."

    Dr. Lena Schröder,

    Head of HR Strategy & Governance, Genossenschaftsverband – Verband der Regionen e.V.

We accompany you through your studies

Your teaching team (selection)

  • Portrait photo of Michael Wolff. He is wearing a blue suit and a white shirt.
    Management and Control
    Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff

    "Supporting students in their transition to professional life always motivates me. And when I see the alumni again after a few years and they remember the course content, it makes me happy."

  • Portrait photo of Indre Maurer. She wears a sand-coloured blazer and a white blouse.
    Organization and Corporate Development
    Prof. Dr. Indre Maurer

    "Through our teaching, students should be prepared in the best possible way for their professional future in leading positions. We support our students in developing analytical-conceptual skills, critical judgement and social competences. To achieve these goals, we integrate innovative teaching methods with a lively culture of discussion in the lecture hall."

  • Portrait photo of Lutz Kolbe. He wears a dark grey jacket and a light grey shirt.
    Information Management
    Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe

    "I am satisfied when students develop an understanding of the basic principles of business information systems and business administration - happy when they sharpen their critical analysis skills, and excited when we experience the application of knowledge in business practice and projects together!"

  • Portrait photo of Olaf Korn. He is wearing a blue jacket and a light blue shirt.
    Prof. Dr. Olaf Korn

    "Finance is not about rich people getting richer. Rather, a good understanding of corporate finance is a key element in really making the transformation to a sustainable economy with sustainable businesses. That's what I want to work on with you."

Do you have any questions?

Are you wondering whether a study programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics is right for you or do you have questions about the course of studies, placement in a higher semester or recognition of academic achievements? During our office hours, we advise you on site at the Oeconomicum, digitally via BBB and by telephone without prior registration.

Student Advisory Office

+49 551 39-28800 service-center.wiwi.uni-goettingen.de

Oeconomicum, 1st floor, Room 1.135

Portrait photo of the student advisory service. From left: Dorothee Konings wears a turquoise blouse, Dennie Oertel wears a dark blue checked jacket and a white shirt and Anja Schöfer wears a black blazer and a white blouse.