Master of Education (MEd) in Business and Human Resource Education

The master's programme in business and human resource education may only be taken together with a second teaching subject (aside from economic sciences). The second teaching subject may be selected from: German, English, French, Spanish, protestant theology, informatics, mathematics, and sports. The successful completion of the master's programme with a master of education permits students to participate in a provisional teaching period for a teaching certificate at commercial training schools.

General information

  • The master's programme in business and human resource education is accredited by ZEvA Hannover (Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency).
  • Language: German
  • The standard period of study is four semesters.
  • Enrolment is possible for every semester (both summer and winter).

Application deadline

  • The application period to begin studying in the winter semester is from April 1 to May 15 of the same calendar year
  • The application period to begin studies in the summer semester is from October 1 to November 15 of the previous calendar year

You may submit your application for the master's programme even if you have not completed your current programme of study, but have acquired at least 150 credit points in a related bachelor's programme. The online application form and detailed information on the application and admission procedure can be found under Application and Admission. This deadline also applies to international applicants who are also required to complete the online application form.

The objective of the master's programme is to equip students with in-depth knowledge in economics, business, and human resources. The programme aims to prepare students with the capability to apply and communicate scientific methods and findings in the area of economic sciences and their second subject, as well as the ability to work independently and scientifically. In addition, the master's programme prepares students interested in continuing their studies at the doctoral level.
The master's programme in business and human resource education includes studies in economic sciences as well as a second teaching subject, business and human resource education and the basics of education in the second teaching subject, as well as a master's thesis and an oral final examination:

  • Economic sciences: 30 Credits
  • Second teaching subject: 34 credits
  • Business and human resource education (educational studies and subject-related didactics in Economic sciences): 33 Credits
  • Master's thesis: 23 credits

Illustration: Schematic overview of the structure of the master's programme in business and human resource education.

The business and human resources degree is designed for a career in one of the following organizations:

  • Vocational training schools in "Business and Administration" which mainly comprise vocational training schools, specialised secondary schools and commercial high schools,
  • Company-based vocational training and further education,
  • Education administration/ educational policy (chambers, associations, ministries),
  • Management of personnel training/ continuing education,
  • Non-school related adult education (in public and private sponsorship),
  • Education consultation, development aid,
  • Tasks in private companies.