"Feminine" Crisis? Social Structure and Discursive Power as a Gender Issue in Classical Antiquity

Sub-Project A:
Power, War, Crisis: Gender Relations and Images of Gender in Classical Athens
(University of Göttingen
: Prof. Dr. Tanja Scheer; Robert Wieland, M.A.)

Sub-Project B:
Glorious Returning Soldiers and Hetaerae in the Crisis. Crises of Power in Hellenized Rome (University of Göttingen: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser, Jessica Schrader, M.A.)

Sub-Project C:
Interventions of Women in the Crisis of the Roman Republic (University of Osnabrück: Prof. Dr. Christiane Kunst)

Sub-Project D:
Generic Knowledge of Crisis. Gender in the Narrative and Narration of the Early Principate (University of Osnabrück: PD Dr. Meike Rühl)