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Statement of the Society for Animal Breeding Sciences e.V. - Livestock Farming in Transition: Key Points and Perspectives of Animal Breeding Sciences

Currently, livestock production systems are massively criticized. Regardless of whether criticisms apply partly or even entirely, it is a fact that these arguments will be expressed and shared by the majority of our society, including many practicing farmers and livestock scientists. Livestock breeding is a central part of the production system and some of the criticisms concern animal breeding directly or indirectly. In order to provide a sustainable contribution to solving some problems in production systems, animal breeding research questions must be worked on along the objectives of precision animal breeding. This requires very well trained and critically thinking young scientists, suitable experimental equipment and appropriate approval procedures to carry out the necessary animal experiments, as well as a clear commitment of the entire scientific community to interdisciplinary animal science research. In addition, the animal breeding sciences must live up to their social responsibility and recognize potentially undesirable developments in a self-critical way. Important course settings for a sustainable solution to difficulties in livestock farming are always the result of a social discourse. Animal breeding science is ready to contribute to this discourse on a professional level with clear perceptibility.
The complete statement (in German) of GfT e.V., published in the journal Züchtungskunde, is available here..