Information on languages

Ancient Languages

Theological studies presuppose profound knowledge of Latin, Greek and Hebrew. At the Faculty of Theology, the language courses and exams are integrated in the following modules, which are accurately described in the module directories of the relevant degree programmes, i.e., the teacher training programme (B.EvRel) and the Magister Theologiae (Mag.Theol.):

B.EvRel.001+002: New Testament Greek.

Mag.Theol.001: Biblical Hebrew.

Mag.Theol.002: Ancient Greek.

Mag.Theol.003: Latin I.

Mag.Theol.004: Latin II.

All students have the opportunity to learn the ancient languages and to take the corresponding exams during their first semesters. Please note, however, that participation in the language courses is possible only on the basis of good knowledge of German.