Objective (Subject)Resource availability and seedling establishment
ContentHaving structurally and functionally diverse forests can help to meet the myriad of contrasting societal demands in forest management. Mixtures of European beech and conifers (both native and introduced) have the potential to facilitate the provision of ecosystem services, by enabling functionality of species-specific traits.
Answering the questions about resource availability and seedling establishment in functionally diverse mixed beech and conifer stands can promote sustainable forest management and improve the economic, ecological and social value of the future forests of the temperate region.
Thereof, the project focuses on studying indicative response traits of seedlings to a varying above- and belowground resource availability and the impact of mature tree species composition and density on tree establishment, growth, and biomass partitioning, which is crucial for the management of mixed species regenerations by controlling canopy density.
Appropriation period01.10.2017 - 30.09.2020
Funded byDFG - German Research Foundation
Person(s) in chargeIeva Bebre
Publicationsunavailable so far