Focus Group Field Research

The working group Field Research at the chair is designed to be a regular meeting in which we discuss any type of field research preperation. We want to provide room for collegues to share their learnings from the field and pass on valuable advise to new collegues who are about to go to the field. Thus, if you are currently preparing your survey/ preparing to train your enumerators/ working on a sampling method (or any other) and feel you want to discuss it - please reach out to our working group and we are happy to set up a meeting! You can present on learnings, your current preparation for the field or interesting insights from literature, engage in discussions, or simply listen - we are happy to have you. If you are interested, feel free to write an email to stating your topic and research region so that we can invite helpful collegues to the meeting.

The group meets regularly. Please keep an eye on this page for announcements.