A Brief Report on Excursion: A Center of Church historical Interest

Rongsenbenla aus Indien

19th June, 2020, and I woke up even before my alarm went off, over the excitement of going to Hann Münden, for the excursion organized by our Prof. Heinrich Fritz as a part of the compulsory module M.IntTheol.05. Hann. Münden is an old city in Lower Saxony situated ca 30 km southwest from Göttingen. All geared up for a cloudy day (at least according to the Weather Forecast) in Hann. Münden, I headed for the Bahnhof at Göttingen. I was delighted to find the rest of the group members, already waiting at the platform for the train to our destination. We travelled about 40 minutes from Göttingen to Hann. Münden where we were welcomed by a very pleasant sunny weather in contradictory to the weather forecast. Now, when the team was complete, at the arrival of Dr. Frau Cornelia Schlarb from Marburg at Hann. Münden Bahnhof, PD Dr. Fritz Heinrich formally welcomed us all.

Exkursion ICT Münden Sommersemester 2020
Arrival at train station with face masks

At the other end of the Bahnhof was a map of the city on which Prof. Fritz gave us a detailed explanation of not just the important locations of the city but also how the economy of the city was impacted by the location of the city – that is at the meeting of two rivers.

The sky was never so bluer and more beautiful and the walk to the Museum, which was once a Castle, originally built by Duke Eric I., was lovely. Once we were outside the museum, Dr. Cornelia gave us some insights on the Reformation period where women role led by Duchess Elisabeth in Hann. Münden, was highlighted.

Exkursion ICT Münden Sommersemester 2020
Dr. C. Schlarb and PD Dr. F. Heinrich

We climbed the Museum stairs that led us to different storeys of interesting and beautiful historical and cultural artefacts. Gaining much insights from Prof. Fritz who guided our tour in the museum, we climbed back down.
Walking through the city towards the confluence of the Fulda and Werra rivers, the beauty at all nook and corners – half-timbered houses, touch of Renaissance art and architecture in important buildings such as the City hall; had us all trying our hands in photography. One also finds the beauty of interculturality here in this city. A Church-turned-Mosque stands side by side with another huge Church all by the rushing river.

Exkursion ICT Münden Sommersemester 2020
in front of Elizabeth´s chapel with face masks

On reaching the point of confluence of the two rivers, the group was sheltered under a lush breezy tree where we took a recess for lunch and interaction between the members. The sun was now blazing and there’s got to be a way out for something cool and relaxing. So, we headed for the Biergarten and chilled out with a glass of beer each on the kind courtesy of our Prof. Fritz and Dr. Cornelia.

Time ticked away swiftly and wishing the day would not end so soon, we all returned home from our day’s memorable excursion.

It was regretful to see that there were handful of members missed out on this excursion. Because I believe that those who missed this excursion had failed to pick up a massive part of treasure that was laid on the path of our journey of intercultural Masters’ program.

Lastly but not the least, I really appreciate and thank Prof. Fritz and Dr. Cornelia for the well-planned and organized trip, who were also loaded with much extended knowledge about the political, cultural, economic and religious background history of the city of Hann. Münden.