Information on Disadvantage Compensation at the Faculty for Agricultural Sciences

Applications for Disadvantage Compensations for examinations need to be submitted at the latest on the 30th of November for the Winter Semester, and at the latest on the 31st of May for the Summer Semester, to the Examination Commission of the Faculty for Agricultural Sciences, Büsgenweg 5, 37077 Göttingen,

Along with the application, a specialist medical report must be enclosed, diagnosing a chronic illness or disability. Within the application, it must be specified which examinations in the respective semester require disadvantage compensation, and in what form the compensation should be granted.

As soon as you have received approval from the Examination Commission for a Disadvantage Compensation, you need to directly contact the Module-Commissioned Professors within 7 days to co-ordinate the logistical details regarding the disadvantage compensation.

If you require any advice before applying for disadvantage compensation, please make an appointment with Ms. Kalkau, Tel. 0551 399649 or

Ruling of the Examination Commission from 1st February 2018