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The proposed Research Training Group (RTG) “Benchmark Experiments for Numerical Quantum Chemistry” (BENCh) implements a high-level research programme aiming to provide landmark experiments for quantum chemical methods benchmarking. The students under the programme benefit from a wide variety of lab techniques, theoretical and data science support, in order to conceive and execute challenging experiments towards the limits of measurement accuracy in each specific field, and/or enabling data gathering in diverse chemical systems/phenomena. The topics range from gas phase spectroscopy and spectrometry, molecular beam techniques, up to X-ray diffraction. Synthetic techniques provide the necessary chemical space for research and subject variability to test diverse computational approaches. The qualification programme bears a strong focus on:

• developing a benchmark philosophy in the students – special seminars on quantum mechanical methods, good scientific practice, error analysis and data management.

• building bridges to the theory community at a national and international level – students are involved in organising special workshops and blind test challenges aimed at the participation of external groups. The thesis advisory committees include the minimum of one external advisor.

• combination of different approaches to deal with complex systems – each student will receive training in both experimental and theoretical methodologies and is accompanied by a committee of scientists on both sides. The combination of different experimental methods is also fostered.

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