Counselling and support services for all groups

The University of Göttingen offers a broad network of Advisory and Information Services on a variety of topics for all members of the university.

An overview of counselling services that can be of particular help in dealing with possible conflicts in teaching can be found in the Guide: Dealing with discrimination at the University of Göttingen and on the website Responsibles for dealing with conflicts.

Advice on academic teaching and all questions related for newcomers, newly appointed professors as well as experienced professors and teachers is offered by Section for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and their Team.
For questions about virtual teaching, AI, e-exams and virtual learning,you can find support from the Consulting for e-examinations und beim E-Learning-Serviceteam.
For questions on the Internationalisation of Curricula you can find information here. For questions on how to make teaching and teaching materials more gender- and diversity-reflective you can contact the Advisor for Gender & Diversity in Teaching and Studies at the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit.

Information on the legal basis, support services and contact persons on the topic of accessibility can be found on the fpllowing pages:

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Last updated 14th October 2022