Saving resources

Reusable to-go cups are explicitly permitted at the coffee machines in the dining halls and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk. The use of returnable cups not only benefits the environment, but also your own wallet: every cup of coffee saves 10 ct compared to using a disposable cup.
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The Studentenwerk of the University of Göttingen has introduced reusable to-go cups in 2018.
The HNA reported, as did the Göttinger Tageblatt.
The commercial “Kaffee to Gö” can be found here.

  • You can find second hand items at the"Schwarzes Brett" on StudIP: household devices, furniture, books and more.
  • The university's exchange for purchasable equipment can be used to pass on equipment and furniture that is no longer needed but still functional. The contact person can be found in the right-hand column of the website.
  • The UMG (medical technology department, division 3-53) also has various used devices in its stock which can be purchased.
    Contact person: Mr. Wille (Tel.: 9551) or Mr. Böhm (Tel.: 12705)

A simple step towards sustainable procurement is to switch to recycled paper. If additional paper is saved by

  • avoiding unnecessary printing,
  • using the duplex function and
  • re-using paper with misprints as notepaper,

your department has already become much more sustainable.

More information on recycled paper and its procurement at the university can be found here.

Residues of laboratory chemicals that are no longer used can be offered and searched for at the "Chemikalienbörse" of the staff unit Safety/Environmental Protection.

The staff unit Safety/Environmental Protection, together with experts from many fields, has developed the leaflet "Stromfresser Kühl- und Gefriergeräte".


Contact - Green Office

Do you have questions or suggestions about sustainability in research?
Or in your studies?
Do you have any ideas about sustainability in your studies?
For these and general questions, suggestions contact us!


Sustainability Coordinator

Marco Lange, Coordinator of the Green Office
Phone: 0551 39-21356


Anuschka Linner, Student of International Economics

Katja Stieger, Student of Physics

Tabea Kothe, Student of Resource analysis and management

Felix Heller, Student of Ethnology