Governance and Networking

Sustainability should be firmly integrated in the everyday culture of the university. Especially the linking of diverse regional and transregional actors and the creation of participation opportunities is very important.

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Selected institutions, working groups and networks:

Senate Commission for Climate Protection and Sustainability (KfKN)

The Senate Commission for Climate Protection and Sustainability initiates, accompanies and evaluates university measures for climate protection, discusses and evaluates strategic plans and developments according to their climate and environmental compatibility and advises the university in cooperation with non-university actors with regard to the goals of climate protection and ecological and sustainable management.


Nature positive Universities

The international network Nature Positive Universities was founded under the leadership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Oxford. Members, including the University of Göttingen, advocate for the promotion of local biodiversity and the implementation of resource-efficient measures.


Sustainability Network of Universities in Lower Saxony (HochNiNa)



Alumni Sustainability Initiative

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The sustainability initiative of Alumni Göttingen aims to support the University's journey towards greater sustainability by colleting and sharing the diverse knowledge and experience of its alumni.


Green Office

The Green Office is the central office for sustainability at the University of Göttingen. It coordinates and pools all activities and knowledge in the field of sustainability at the university. Furthermore, it coordinates the development and implementation of appropriate measures. The Green Office also supports the cross-linking of all members of the university’s community and the Göttingen Campus on the issue of sustainable development.

Student groups and initiatives

Studentische Gruppen


AStA Department of Climate Crisis and Sustainability

The AStA Department of Climate Crisis and Sustainability deals with issues like environmental protection and climate action.
It is open to all students and encourages everyone who is interested to participate. Once a month, an open plenary session is held.


Safety/Environmental Protection

Safety/Environmental Protection provides services for both the Faculty of Medicine/University Hospital and for the Presidential Board of the University. It deals with questions of employee safety, environmental protection, radiation safety, gene technology, dangerous substances, transportation of dangerous substances and their disposal as well as the running of the central warehouse.


Equal Opportunities and Diversity

The University of Göttingen has the objective of facilitating all its employees equal opportunities and protection against discrimination. Information about the equal opportunities and diversity policy of the University of Göttingen can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit.


Hochschulsport Göttingen

The Hochschulsport Göttingen is committed to the topic of sustainability both in its operations and in public communication.


BLAB – Life science school laboratory

The BLAB awakens pupils' enthusiasm for issues in biodiversity research. Topics such as soil as the basis of human life, the evaluation of urban green spaces, the development of streams, climate change, or agroecological diversity can be used to vividly convey biodiversity. In line with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), biological, economic, but also political and cultural connections are made comprehensible. As a teaching-learning laboratory, the BLAB is integrated into the university's teacher training programme.


Seed Library Göttingen



SUB AG Nachhaltigkeit

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WISCh – Wöhler Research Institute for Sustainable Chemistry

The Wöhler Research Institute was founded in 2019 and is dedicated towards the development of sustainable methods for organic synthesis.


Climate Advisory Council

Representatives of the University of Göttingen are part of the Climate Advisory Council of the City of Göttingen. The council issues recommendations on climate protection activities and supports the realisation of the “Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz”. The council holds meetings that are open to the general public, multiple times per year.



The Green Office supports the implementation of climate-friendly mobility concepts within the framework of the European University ENLIGHT. In joint structures and through innovative teaching opportunities, the nine ENLIGHT universities will empower students with the right knowledge and skills to become engaged citizens and professionals and respond to the major, complex societal challenges of the 21st century.



The project “Sustainability at Universities: develop – connect – report (HOCHN) researches the contribution that universities can make towards sustainable development. Furthermore, it built a programme-based countrywide university network.


netzwerk n

Netzwerk n e. V. is committed to foster change at universities in accordance with sustainable development in all areas of university activity (operations, teaching, research, governance) and thus works on creating an overall institutional transformation of universities.
To this end, they bring together students, but also doctoral students and other university players.


RENN - Regionale Netzstellen Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien

RENN support actors from civil society, politics and admistration seeking to contribute to Sustainable Development in Germany. To this end, they strengthen and connect initiatives and competences on a local, regional and national scale.


DG HochN - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltigkeit an Hochschulen e.V.

The DG HochN aims to support the implementation of the UNESCO program "Education for Sustainable Development for 2030" in the German higher education system.
To this end, it offers hubs, primarily virtual contact and energy locations where people can meet in a self-organized way to advance individual sustainability issues.


Studentenwerk Göttingen



Contact - Green Office

Do you have questions or suggestions about sustainability in research?
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Sustainability Coordinator

Marco Lange, Coordinator of the Green Office
Phone: 0551 39-21356


Tabea Kothe, Student of Geography

Anna von Borcke, Student of Ethnology and Sociology

Hannah Kalden, Student of Philosophy