Change of Perspective - Global Learning: Intercultural Experiences and Interdisciplinary Diversity

IVAC Projects Change of Perspective

Change of Perspective - Global Learning: Intercultural Experiences and Interdisciplinary Diversity

“Change of perspective” is, to a large extent, based on the experience gained in the project "Internationalisation, Digitisation and Diversity Orientation of Curricula", which aims to internationalise curricula across subjects and thus contributes to the Internationalisation at Home. Building on an established IT infrastructure, reliable learning management systems and corresponding competencies of staff, the project contributes to specifically/systematically strengthening international partnerships: new digital cooperation formats are to be developed together with 7 international partner universities from 6 countries as Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) or Virtual Exchange (VE) scenarios, and integrated into the curriculum.
The main focus lies on linking the teaching of specialised scientific competencies, i.e. the ability to apply (specialist) scientific knowledge to solve typical tasks of a scientific discipline, with the development of key competencies, which enable students to successfully complete their studies beyond specialist scientific qualifications and enter professional life with a range of transversal skills.

Project goals

  • Lecturers in Göttingen and their international partners have integrated digital collaboration formats into their teaching programmes and curricula.
  • Students and lecturers apply the digital skills they have gained through virtual cooperation.
  • Processes in the field of learning, teaching and blended mobility are digitalised across universities and contribute to the development of interoperable student data ecosystems (in the sense of the Groningen Declaration).
  • International digital cooperation formats are accessible to further target groups, making intercultural experiences possible for students whose financial or personal circumstances do not allow physical mobility.
  • A community of practice for the exchange of experience and good practices has been established.

    • Partner universities

      • McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
      • Ashoka University, Sonepat, Haryana, India
      • Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India
      • Sichuan University, Chengdu, China
      • University of Trento, Trento, Italy
      • Andrássy University of Budapest, Hungary
      • University of Belgrade, Serbia

      Four projects

      In order to further develop and establish the diverse and versatile use of Virtual Exchange formats in different collaborative settings in a tailored way, “Change of perspective” supports a portfolio of innovative projects in different faculties. The projects are based on individually developed concepts, and learning objectives as well as means to develop competencies are aligned with the current status of the partnerships and the objectives of the respective partners.

      • Virtual Supply Chain Management Teaching in Germany and Italy (VISTA)
      • Global Shakespeare 2.0
      • Transatlantic Virtual Academic Cooperation
      • Focus Balkan Online - A digital international business game seminar on EU enlargement policy